About Rebecca

I'm a natural dyer from the UK, a writer, a mother to two young children and an all-round plant lover.

At heart, I'm a maker and storyteller. I create books and magazines about making things with plants, then publish them myself.

Dyeing with plants

Plants are central to my creativity and botanical dyeing quite literally changed my life. I'm happiest when I create things with my hands and spend time connecting with nature - either walking outside or at home dyeing with plants.

You can do the same, if you'd like to? My book will show you how...

Our relationship with nature

To me, dyeing is more than just making colours on fabric: it's a way to nurture a closer relationship with nature. Gathering plants for my dye pot helps me pay more attention to the beauty of the changing seasons. It's a whole new way of experiencing life; it is so energising and quite simply feels like magic.

You will begin to notice new plants that you've never stopped to look at before, as you continually wonder what colour they could make in your dye pot. It's an endless journey of discovery.

In 2016 I wrote an eBook called Botanical Colour at your Fingertips which shares my simple methods for plant dyeing. Due to popular demand, I self published the book and released it in paperback form. Since then, the eBook and book have sold a few thousand copies. I continue to explore botanical dyeing and share my experiments on my Instagram page, and write articles on my blog.

"Botanical Colour at your Fingertips is one of the best natural dyeing resources I've read so far - succinct and to the point but still a lovely journey from the start to end."
Lindzi M.

Community + The Magazine

A couple of years ago I began to consider the therapeutic properties of my dye plants and realised that there were parallels between natural dyeing and making oil infusions and tinctures. Thinking beyond colour, I started to look at the ways I could infuse the healing properties of plants into fibres.

From this seed of an idea, I grew an entire magazine. It was a big leap to take, but I followed my intuition and turned a dream into a reality.

I launched Plants Are Magic magazine in 2017, a year after releasing my book.

Plants Are Magic magazine welcomes other plant creatives and experts to explore the relationships between their crafts, and the connection to their plants. The pages are filled with stories, interviews, recipes and tutorials.