Dyeing with berries

In this blog post I’ll show you how to dye a scarf with mahonia berries (also known as Oregon grape) with a simple tie dye stripe pattern. These are my local berries – in the early summer, the bushes are laden with hundreds of strands of these little purple jewels. Maybe you have other local berries growing abundantly. You can follow this recipe and use the berries of your choice. Berries are pH sensitive, so I’ll show you how you can adjust the colours and make multiple shades.

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Minimalism as a crafter & Simplifying our spaces

When we have fewer possessions, we can make more space in our lives for the things we enjoy. Our minds are less cluttered and we feel energised. A couple of years ago I started to thin out my possessions and truly felt the benefit. The rooms didn’t get as messy so I would spend less time tidying up. My main focus is to simplify. Simplicity is a great mantra to live by and it can be applied to all areas of life. In this blog post I’m going to share part of my journey with you.

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Carve your own beads for dyeing

Today I’m thrilled to invite Merlin Fox from Knives Fox Spoons to my blog with a fantastic bead carving tutorial. With just a few tools, you can make your own beads from elder branches – then dye them to make beautiful jewellery (or leave them a natural colour and simply oil them, if you prefer). It’s an easy and rewarding beginner project.

In the photo below you can see the beads after they’ve been dyed – the yellow is from pomegranate skins and the warm brown/red is from avocado skins. I show you how to dye wood in my new eBook, and in this blog, Merlin shows us how to carve our own beads!

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How to dye paper with natural dyes

In this blog post I’ll show you how to dye paper with homemade plant dyes. The pink dye is made from avocado skins and the yellow is from pomegranate skins. With just a few tweaks to my usual fabric dyeing method, we can easily dye paper.  Can you see the patterns on the pink paper? We will make those by painting paper with milk. It’s such a quick trick and I’ll show you how.

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The Nature Creative – An interview with The Dogwood Dyer

Have you ever wondered how to start a dye garden? Which plants should we begin with? If so, then you’ll love this interview with Liz Spencer – The Dogwood dyer. I started a small dye garden on my balcony this summer and one of the people who inspired me to do this was Liz, the textile artist behind The Dogwood Dyer. Today I’m honoured to welcome Liz to my blog. Liz is an incredible designer, natural dyer, grower and inspiring artist. So go and grab a cup of tea (it’s quite a long one!) and enjoy this inspiring chat with Liz about her plants and the tips she has for us…

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Painting with milk & dyeing with tea

If you’re just dipping your toes into natural dyeing, tea is a great dye to try first. But years later, I still love dyeing with tea. This tutorial is a little bit special… wait until you see the patterns!

Why do I love dyeing with tea so much? Almost all of us have some tea in the back of a cupboard, it contains tannins and dyes fibres amazingly well. Plus you don’t need any special equipment – you can use your cooking pans as we are working with entirely edible dyes.

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to dye your own furoshiki-inspired fabric wrapping cloths. It’s a perfect project for an absolute beginner in natural dyeing. I’ve used black tea, rooibos and dried nettle leaves for the colours.

Plus, this is a great zero waste idea. I used an old cotton bed sheet and tea I had in my kitchen. You could certainly reuse old tea bags or loose tea leaves to make the dye!

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