‘Botanical Colour at Your Fingertips’

by Rebecca Desnos



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Do you love plants?

Do you love crafting?

Would you like to dye your own fabric, yarn or clothing?

Learn the relaxing art of botanical dyeing with natural dyer, Rebecca Desnos. Connect with nature and open your eyes to the colour potential of plants. This book will show you how to extract dye from just about any plant from the garden, wild or kitchen to create long lasting colours on a range of plant fabrics and yarn.

Focused on cellulose fibres, such as cotton and linen, this book will guide you through the ancient process of soya milk mordanting to achieve rich and colourfast results.



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“Love this book!! I’ve been into natural dyeing for a few years but always had a hard time finding answers to a lot of my questions. This book answered EVERYTHING!! I am beyond excited to throw out all my mordants and give these techniques a try!! Thank you for making this info available.”

~ B. Manzoor (January 2017).

“Love this book so far and happy it’s available as an eBook. I have a couple of other plant dye books but none that use vegan methods of dyeing. I’m not a vegan, but that point of view does set this book apart from others like it. “

~ L. J. Astor (December 2016).

“Very clear, consistent, and detailed book. I’m really happy with it! Love Rebecca’s approach, it’s so inspiring and beautiful.”

– M. Mendez (November 2016).