Plant Dye Zine (digital)
Plant Dye Zine (digital)
Plant Dye Zine (digital)
Plant Dye Zine (digital)
Plant Dye Zine (digital)
Plant Dye Zine (digital)
Plant Dye Zine (digital)

Plant Dye Zine (digital)

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I’m delighted to share my Plant Dye Zine with you! 100+ pages botanical dye recipes, tutorials, articles and inspiration. I’ve written 4 of the tutorials, and there are 7 written by other plant creatives from around the world.


  1. Botanical inks on paper, made from avocado stones + pomegranate skins (by Rebecca Desnos)
  2. Eco-printing with leaves (by Louise Upshall from Gumnut Magic)
  3. Petal paint (by Rebecca Desnos)
  4. Flower + leaf pounding (a brand new technique by Samorn Sanixay)
  5. Inspiration from the forest – blind tree drawings and making ink from pinecones (by Yasuna Iman)
  6. Making paint from oak galls (by Rebecca Desnos)
  7. Homegrown colour: starting your own dye garden (by Flora Arbuthnott from Plants + Colour)
  8. Growing cuttings (by Tina Bettison)
  9. Bundle dyeing with flowers (by Maggie Pate from Nade Studio)
  10. Make + decorate a flower press (by Rebecca Desnos)
  11. Flower pressing: bonus interview + tutorial with lots of wonderful tips! (by Tricia Paoluccio from Modern Pressed Flower)


  • PDF - digital download.
  • 106 pages, landscape orientation, displays two pages per spread.

Downloading the eBook

Following purchase, you will automatically receive an email containing a link to click on and download the PDF. Please save the file onto your device for future access (e.g. onto iBooks on the iPad).


When you purchase this eBook, it is for one licence for your own personal use. Please do not share it with others or distribute it in any form. Thank you for being honest!

The printed version

The printed book is out now!