New logo!

I’m so excited to start using my new logo designed for me by Sierra Johnson of Letter Lodge!

This week I’ve been busy making new business cards and tags and stamping my new logo.

I used watercolour paper and presoaked it in soya milk and left it for a couple of weeks before using it. The dyes were very concentrated which I made by boiling off lots of liquid to leave a small amount of super concentrated colour. The purple is from mahonia berries and the pink is from avocado skin.

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  1. I shall do the same with water colour paper with the soya milk liquid which is soaking a second batch of fabric. I will be selling my items on my daughter’s website, she has developed a range of skin products her family have been testing for a year or so! When she has finished the process of approval she will get her website going and I will have a page!

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