Plants Are Magic Magazine

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The magazine for makers, dreamers & plant lovers

Plants are magic, don't you you think? They nourish and heal our bodies, and provide us with endless beauty and inspiration.

This magazine explores the relationship between people and plants.

Each volume of Plants Are Magic offers an intimate gathering of stories, interviews and tutorials by artisans, plant growers, foragers, healers and plant lovers from around the world.

Independently published by me Rebecca Desnos, a natural dyer in the UK my vision is to unite crafts such as natural dyeing and herbalism, and explore the relationship between making and mindfulness. Together, let's celebrate plant creativity in every form.

Each volume of the magazine focuses on a new theme and is conceived like a timeless book that I hope you will cherish in your collection forever.

"I ordered the digital version and just ate it up. It was more beautiful, and more on topic than I even expected, and I devoured it. I loved it so much that I also ordered a printed copy. This is so much more than a magazine... the quality is that of a really gorgeous & well-made book. So thrilled that this is available, and cannot wait for the next issue!"
Angel S.
"Beautiful magazine. Loved it so much, I decided to order the hard copy."
Melissa A.

Crafting a community

Plants Are Magic is my way of nurturing and building a community around what I love and I hope that you will enjoy being part of it too. The magazine is a forum for people from different plant realms to share their ideas. I feel privileged to make connections with makers from all over the world and collaborate on articles and tutorials for the magazine.

Each magazine begins as a seed of an idea  a theme that I would like to explore. Then I look for contributors to write about the topics that stem from my original concept. Over the next few months, I nurture the different branches and the magazine slowly grows. The aim is to create a beautiful publication to be shared and enjoyed by others for a long time.

"I love love LOVE the magazine! Love how it’s written, the overall vibe, and the content. I have walked the herbal path for a very long time but the manner in which you and your writers present topics and just by the nature of living in a different culture than me brings a fresh perspective. I love that. Thank you for teaching and inspiring."
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