Plants Are Magic

The magazine for makers, dreamers & plant lovers...

Plants Are Magic is an independent magazine created and published in the UK by natural dyer Rebecca Desnos.

There's an intimate gathering of stories, interviews and tutorials by artisans, plant growers, foragers and herbalists from around the world.

The magazine unites crafts such as natural dyeing and herbalism, and explores the relationship between making and mindfulness.

Together, let's celebrate plant creativity in every form.

"I love love LOVE the magazine! Love how it’s written, the overall vibe, and the content. I have walked the herbal path for a very long time but the manner in which you and your writers present topics and just by the nature of living in a different culture than me brings a fresh perspective. I love that. Thank you for teaching and inspiring."
FreeDom Flowers -
"I ordered the digital version and just ate it up. It was more beautiful, and more on topic than I even expected, and I devoured it. I loved it so much that I also ordered a printed copy. This is so much more than a magazine... the quality is that of a really gorgeous & well-made book. So thrilled that this is available, and cannot wait for the next issue!"
Angel S.
"Beautiful magazine. Loved it so much, I decided to order the hard copy."
Melissa A.