Volume 1: Plants Are Magic Magazine (print)


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Plants Are Magic: The magazine for makers, dreamers & plant lovers.

The magazine offers an intimate gathering of stories, interviews and tutorials by artisans, plant growers, foragers, healers and plant lovers from around the world.

Independently published by Rebecca Desnos – a natural dyer in the UK – her vision is to unite crafts such as natural dyeing and herbalism, and explore the relationship between making and mindfulness. Together, let’s celebrate plant creativity in every form.

Each volume of the magazine is conceived like a timeless book that we hope you will cherish in your collection forever.

  • The theme for vol. 1 is “Well-being”.
  • 80 pages
  • Spring/Summer edition with seasonal crafts and recipes.
  • Proudly ad-free.
  • A5 size (14.8 x 21cm / 5.8 x 8.3inches)
  • Printed on FSC certified silk paper and ‘perfect bound’ just like a book.

Highlights from this magazine

  • Colours that Heal: harnessing the power of plants to dye therapeutic cloth. Discover how to dye your own scarf with plants, using an alternative dyeing method to my usual soya milk process.
  • Oil Power: ever wondered about the difference between an oil infusion and an essential oil? A herbalist share’s her journey with us and shows us the kinds of plants that make the best oil infusions and why. Plus learn how to make your own relaxing massage oil.
  • The Online Herbalist : read another herbalist’s thoughts on how herbal medicine is changing thanks to this technological age that we live in.
  • Nourish Your Creativity : Practical tips for eating and cooking to help us reconnect with our inner creativity.
  • Eat The Rainbow : Colourful plant-based recipes for a delicious Spring/Summer lunch.
  • Homegrown Healing : Read a mother’s account of how the garden nourishes the whole family, not only with the delicious produce, but how their whole rhythm of life has evolved around their garden.
  • A Therapeutic Language of Plant Life: Why are humans instinctively drawn to plants? Read someone’s personal account and learn about some of the theories behind this.
  • Noticing Nature : How to appreciate what you have around you, no matter where you live. Some tips for sparking creativity and encouraging mindfulness.
  • Interviews with a botanical artist, florist, plant-lover and family who live a plant-centred life.


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