Botanical Dyes on Wood (digital)
Botanical Dyes on Wood (digital)
Botanical Dyes on Wood (digital)
Botanical Dyes on Wood (digital)
Botanical Dyes on Wood (digital)
Botanical Dyes on Wood (digital)
Botanical Dyes on Wood (digital)

Botanical Dyes on Wood (digital)

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Learn to dye wood with homemade dyes from plants!

I’ve been dyeing beads for years and for the first time I’ve written down my entire dyeing process to share with you so you can dye your own. This eBook isn't limited to beads though – I'll share my tips for painting dye on other wooden surfaces too – even small items of furniture! The possibilities with plant dyes are endless. Have fun exploring!

In this eBook find out how to:

  • extract dye from plants you already have easy access to
  • choose plants that give longer lasting colours
  • apply the methods to other plants to develop your own colour palette
  • make concentrated dyes that are suited for dyeing and painting wood
  • pretreat wood in soya milk to achieve darker colours
  • dye and paint beads, buttons and other small items
  • dye wood evenly
  • paint larger surfaces and even furniture!
  • paint patterns on round beads
  • use iron to widen your colour palette
  • store the dyes in the fridge and keep them for future projects
  • seal in the colour with oil or other sealants
  • paint concentrated dyes with a brush on wood
  • use the same dyes on paper and fabric!


  • PDF - digital download
  • 47 pages, landscape orientation


Which plants are used in the book?

In the book I make dyes from avocado skins and stones, pomegranate skins, eucalyptus leaves, lavender, alder cones, acorns and coreopsis petals. Additionally I darken some of these dyes with iron to widen the palette further.

What if I don’t have access to the same plants as you?

The methods I show in the book can be used with any plants, so don’t feel limited by what you see me use. The purpose of the book is that I show you some dyeing methods that you then use with your plants. My aim is to empower you to experiment on your own and create your own colour palette.

Do you use indigo?

This book does not cover indigo dyeing as it involves a different dyeing method which is beyond the scope of this book. However, wood and indigo are an incredible pair so if you already dye with indigo then I encourage you to dip some beads into your indigo dye pot. A few dips in indigo is best to build up the layers of colour.

Downloading the eBook

Following purchase, you will automatically receive an email containing a link to click on and download the PDF. Please save the file onto your device for future access (e.g. onto iBooks on the iPad).


When you purchase this eBook, it is for one licence for your own personal use. Please do not share it with others or distribute it in any form. Thank you for being honest!

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