Plant Forage Make vol. 1 (digital)
Plant Forage Make vol. 1 (digital)
Plant Forage Make vol. 1 (digital)
Plant Forage Make vol. 1 (digital)
Plant Forage Make vol. 1 (digital)
Plant Forage Make vol. 1 (digital)
Plant Forage Make vol. 1 (digital)

Plant Forage Make vol. 1 (digital)

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Plant Forage Make

Plant Forage Make is a new magazine for plant lovers and crafters.

This special magazine is like a botanical hug, designed to lift your spirits, encourage you to slow down and take notice of the natural world around you.

The theme for volume 1 is 'Scent' . The contributors from around the world look at the positive effect of botanical scents on our mood and wellbeing, share recipes with scented flowers and herbs, natural dyeing tutorials, as well as foraging, cooking and gardening ideas.

The magazine is designed to be a special little book that I hope you’ll cherish forever.

It’s published by Rebecca Desnos, a natural dyer and independent publisher in the UK. Rebecca’s vision is to unite different plant crafts and explore our relationship with plants. Together, let's celebrate plant creativity in every form.

  • Volume 1, the theme is ‘Scent’.
  • 102 pages.
  • No adverts.
  • Published in November 2021.
  • Available in print and as an eBook.

Highlights from this volume:

  • Forest Bathing, by Desiree Bell
  • Therapeutic horticulture, by Victoria Stevens
  • Recipes for herbal facial steam & a scented balm, by The Mindful Apothecary
  • Dyeing with bay leaves, by Rebecca Desnos
  • Bundle dye a pillowcase with rose petals, by Liz Spencer, The Dogwood Dyer
  • Recipes for floral facial masks, by Herbal Academy
  • How to make a herbal wreath by Essence + Alchemy
  • Recipe for a rollerball essential oil perfume by Essence + Alchemy
  • Lemonbalm doughnuts with a rose glaze by Tara Lanich-LaBrie, The Medicine Circle
  • Rose petal chocolate coins, by Tara Lanich-LaBrie, The Medicine Circle
  • Exploring memory + scent, by Katie Whittington
  • Make your own herbal sprinkle blend, by Cat Seixas, The Olive Trees and the Moon
  • How herbalists use scent to determine the medicinal value of plants, by Kim Walker, Handmade Apothecary
  • Article + recipe by Liza Couse, Plena Plena
  • Travel writing + herbal recipes, by Alice Griffin
  • Interviews with artist Claudia Lowry, and herbalist Kim Walker.
  • Pollinators and scented plants, by Becky Searle, Sow Much More.