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My name is Rebecca Desnos and I design and make a range of luxury, eco-conscious accessories, using natural materials and plant dyes.

I have quite a varied background: I originally studied Linguistics, then returned to university as a mature student to study Interior & Spatial Design. After working as an interior designer for a while, I had the urge to work on a smaller scale where I can hold my creations in my hands.

The first product I created was a bamboo “silk” scarf. The idea behind this scarf was born out of my own search for luxury, cruelty-free scarves. I came across some beautiful bamboo fabric that had the lustre and feel of silk and realised I had an idea in the making. My scarves are vegan and offer a cruelty-free alternative to a silk scarf.

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I try to lead a natural way of life as much as possible, through my food, clothing and lifestyle choices. Working with plant dyes provides the perfect opportunity to extend this philosophy to my creations. Plant dyes are a beautiful and long-lasting alternative to synthetic dyes, and the colours actually mature over time. Plant dyeing is a lengthy process that involves careful preparation of the fabric, so dyeing one of my scarves takes several hours. However, the beautiful colours and tones that plant dyes produce makes it totally worthwhile! The unpredictability of plant dyeing is also exciting. No two scarves will ever be exactly the same. You can read more about the magic of natural dyeing here.

The inspiration behind the scarf designs is the idea of slightly “imperfect” geometry. I create the patterns using a technique called Shibori; clamping handcut wooden shapes onto folded stacks of fabric to form a resist prior to dyeing.  I embrace the variations between the depth of colour, texture and pattern of each piece that result from the hand techniques and natural materials used. These traces remind the wearer that the scarf is natural, was made by hand, and has a story of its own.