Bundle of four eBooks


Immerse yourself in the world of natural dyeing with this bundle of eBooks…

  1. Botanical Colour at your Fingertips
  2. Grow Your Own Colour
  3. Plant Dye Zine
  4. Botanical Dyes on Wood

Save £7 with this bundle. Each eBook costs £9.99 when bought separately.



Botanical Colour at your Fingertips

A gentle introduction into plant dyeing. Unlock the colour potential of the plants around you. Experiment with wild plants, garden herbs, as well as fruit and vegetable skins. Create your own unique palette of colours and dye clothes, fabric and yarn. This book takes the stress out of natural dyeing, so you can start your colourful journey with plants.

Grow Your Own Colour

Grow Your Own Colour shows you how to start a dye garden no matter how little space you have, whether it’s a window box, balcony or garden. Experience the joy of growing flowers and indigo, and use your plants to naturally dye cloth. Create beautiful prints with your homegrown colour and create the colourful wardrobe of your dreams. Bundle dye with flowers, hammer plants onto fabric, dye with Japanese indigo (salt rub method), work with iron, paint with iron, and lots more.

Plant Dye Zine

Reconnect with nature through natural dyeing. Join Rebecca Desnos and her friends for some beautiful plant dye projects, including ink making, bundle dyeing with flowers, eco-printing with leaves, plant pounding onto fabric, and lots more! This book is the perfect way to explore new techniques.

Botanical Dyes on Wood

Learn to dye wood with homemade dyes from plants. I’ve been dyeing beads for years and in this book I’ve shared my entire process so you can dye your own. This book isn’t limited to beads though – I share tips for painting dye on other wooden surfaces, even small items of furniture. The possibilities with plant dyes are endless.