Botanical Dyes on Wood (paperback)


Learn to dye wood and paint wooden surfaces, from beads to artwork and even small items of furniture. Create your own homemade dyes from plants in a spectrum of colours and explore the endless possibilities.

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Everything you dye with wild or homegrown plants is a unique creation and a reflection of the natural world around you. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to be creative, as natural dyeing encourages mindfulness. You’ll become immersed in the moment and focused on scents, colours, patterns and textures. Have fun exploring!

Here’s what’s included in the books:

  • Extract dye from plants you already have easy access to
  • How to choose plants that produce longer lasting dyes
  • Apply the methods to other plants to develop your own colour palette
  • Make concentrated dyes that are suited for dyeing and painting wood
  • How to pretreat wood in soya milk in order to achieve darker colours
  • Dye and paint beads, buttons and other small items
  • Dye wood evenly
  • Paint larger surfaces and even furniture!
  • Paint patterns on round beads
  • Use iron (rust) to widen your colour palette
  • Seal in the colour with oil or other sealants
  • Paint concentrated dyes with a brush on wood
  • Use the same dyes on paper and fabric!

Have fun exploring this new way of being creative with plant dyes!

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